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Chef at Home Services

Pesto Penne Pasta

We can come to your home and provide home cooked meals for you to heat and serve at your convenience all while you are busy doing what it is you do. When you return there will be delicious meals ready for you to serve, in a clean and tidy kitchen without the mess and dishes to do. Priced on a requirement basis

Relief Chef work

Serving at a Breakfast Buffet

Urgently need to cover sick or short term staff shortages and don't want to deal with agencies? Then look no further I can come to you and relieve that urgent need for you, Hourly rates without breaking the budget. Call to discuss if I can help.  I am an alrounder and can cook MOST cuisines and cooking styles.  (Please note not all cuisines or cooking disciplines are in my skill set for anything too specialized, I will advise if I can help or not at time of enquiry)

Private Catering

Mexican Themed Buffet Function

Having a Special Event? Need someone to come to you to prepare and serve your food? We can do that too. Below is more info on that service, Pricing is available on a case by case basis.

Menu Planning

Swordfish with lemon butter sauce

Need help comprising a menu for your establishment? School, Canteen or workplace cafeteria? I can come to you and advise and compile a menu fully costed for you. Hourly rates apply.

Private Catering

About Private Catering Options

We are now offering the opportunity to have Kenny's Kitchen cater your private events or cook meals for you at home.

We know everyone is busy and sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to cater events. This is where we can help. You provide the venue and we can take care of the catering. We can do full blown special occasions or just simple dinner parties. Even Office Meetings etc. We will come to you do everything, including the shopping and cleaning up. You just enjoy the food.

If you have a busy lifestyle and the thought of cooking when you get home is too much, but you want something more reliable than food delivery apps, then I can do that too. I can meal plan your week and come to your home and prepare a weeks worth of meals and have them ready for you, just organise the ingredients and storage containers and viola, you can come home and heat a meal at your leisure. The meals aren't full of preservatives, made with fresh produce from your preferred retailers, with your own budget and tastes. Special dietary requirements can be catered for also. All without the intrusiveness of someone coming to your door when you want to relax. All be done while you are at work.

Each inquiry is priced on it's own merits and I can quote on any job big or small. I will work with you to get the very best outcome for your needs.

Some of the Jobs I have done in the past for clients - 

- Private Wedding on the beach in Nth QLD

- 40th Birthday parties (1 themed Oktoberfest)

- Oktoberfest events - Buffet

- Wedding - Buffet Styled

- Opening Events - Canapes

- Business Corporate Lunches

- Breakfast Buffet Meetings

- Theme Nights

- 1890's themed Sit Down Dinner

- Christmas Banquets

- Wakes

All of these were individualized events with unique menus for each occasion. Ask me how I could do your event. Some Images in our photo gallery contain some of the work I have done, along with popular specials I have run at different venues

Oktoberfest Function

Oktoberfest Function